Ace Europe Launches New Program for Sprinkler Protected Property

March 3, 2009

ACE Europe has launched ACE Protect, a new property coverage aimed at companies which have installed sprinkler fire extinguishing systems in their premises.

ACE said the new coverage “offers training and risk management advice which is provided by ACE’s award winning team of Risk Engineers. In addition, direct access to emergency sprinkler leakage remediation services is available through BELFOR, leading experts in the reduction and control of damage following the leakage of water from sprinkler systems.

ACE Protect provides clients with a suite of covers, including automatic cover for damage caused by any accidental leakage of their sprinkler system. The policy will also pay for costs involved with the re-charging of systems if they have discharged or leaked accidentally.

Steve Walker, ACE’s UK Property Underwriting Manager, commented: “For too long the commercial property insurance market has failed to recognize the significant capital investment required to install a modern sprinkler protection system. At ACE we recognize the significant investment a company can make in their sprinkler system through the services offered in ACE Protect and the terms, conditions and capacity that we are prepared to offer for qualifying risks.

“The ultimate aim of ACE Protect is to reduce the likelihood of adverse incidents but in the event that an incident does occur, help our insureds to minimize damage and consequent business interruption and get back to running their business as soon as possible.”

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