Summary of Forecasts for 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season

May 29, 2009

Private weather forecaster Planalytics predicted Wednesday that the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season will produce 10 tropical storms, of which six will become hurricanes.

The company said one or two of the storms were likely to become major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher, with winds over 110 mph.

Most forecasters say the six-month hurricane season will be less active than last season, which produced 16 storms.

The season officially begins on Monday.

The following are the latest predictions for 2009:
Planalytics: 10 Tropical storms; 6 hurricanes; 1-2 major hurricanes
WSI: 11 Tropical storms; 6 hurricanes; 2 major hurricanes
NOAA: 9-14 Tropical storms; 4-7 hurricanes; 1-3 major hurricanes
CSU: 12 Tropical storms; 6 hurricanes; 2 major hurricanes
TSR: 15 Tropical storms; 7.8 hurricanes; 3.6 major hurricanes
AccuWeather:10 Tropical storms; 6 hurricanes; 2 major hurricanes
WRC: 7 Tropical storms; 4-6 hurricanes —
UK Met — — —

NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) issued its preseason forecast on May 21.

CSU (Colorado State University team led by William Gray and Philip Klotzbach) forecast issued April 7. Updates due June 2, Aug. 4, Sept. 2, Oct. 1.

TSR (London-based Tropical Storm Risk) forecast issued April 6. Updates due June 4, July 6, Aug. 4.

WSI Corp. based in Andover, Massachusetts, issued forecast on May 26. Updates expected on June 22, July 20, Aug. 24.

AccuWeather forecast issued May 14.

WRC (Houston-based Weather Research Center) forecast issued April 6.

The UK Met Office will issue a forecast on June 18.

Planalytics issued forecast on May 27.

(Reporting by Edward McAllister; Editing by Jim Loney)

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