Catlin Launches Service Initiative for UK, Lloyd’s Brokers

June 6, 2011

The Catlin Group Limited announced a “major initiative by the Catlin Syndicate at Lloyd’s and Catlin UK to improve the service provided to brokers.”

Catlin explained that as part of the new services its “underwriters in each of its London-based business groups will be available from 8am to 6pm each business day.”

Nicolas Burkinshaw, Active Underwriter of the Catlin Syndicate, commented: “Catlin is continuously seeking ways to make it easier for brokers to place business with us. Beginning today, the Catlin Syndicate will strive to provide even better service to our brokers, especially in terms of improving access to our underwriters.

“We’re abolishing traditional underwriting hours by not making a broker wait until 11am to see an underwriter,” he continued. “We want to give our brokers an edge by enabling them to see us when it is most convenient for them.”

Catlin also noted that its Syndicate 2003 was the “largest syndicate at Lloyd’s in 2010 based on a gross premium volume of nearly £1.7 billion [$2.788 billion].

Catlin UK, the group’s Insurance Company for the UK specializes in underwriting property and casualty coverages tailored for the country’s commercial clients.

The bulletin set out the following major components of the new initiative:
• Individual service charters issued to brokers by each of the syndicate’s business groups, with a pledge to disclose to brokers how each business group performs against its promises.
• An undertaking that underwriters in each business group will be available to brokers from 8am to 6pm each business day, either at the Catlin box at Lloyd’s or at Catlin’s new office at 20 Gracechurch Street.
• A commitment to distribute at the beginning of each week the availability schedule for all underwriters.
• A promise to respond to all enquires by brokers within a mutually agreed time period. The time period will reflect the individual requirements of each class of business.
• An undertaking to inform brokers of any major changes in risk appetite or approach to risk selection.
• A pledge to make appropriate underwriters available for client meetings whenever possible.
• A commitment to meet with broker regularly to discuss service levels, the market environment and how Catlin underwriters can better respond to brokers’ needs.

Burkinshaw added: “Catlin’s London Market claims team has been recognized for the past several years as the best in the market by brokers participating in an independent survey. Similarly, we are striving through this initiative to provide outstanding levels of service to our brokers and to give them a competitive advantage.”

Source: Catlin Group

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