Dryad Maritime Launches ‘New and Enhanced’ Maritime Services

June 3, 2014

Dryad Maritime, which provides specialist high-grade intelligence capability to the maritime industry, has unveiled “new and enhanced services and a complete re-brand as part of the company’s relaunch and repositioning within the maritime operations industry. The overhaul follows six years of exponential growth for the formerly niche Portsmouth-based intelligence company.”

The company has received several awards for its work and has opened new offices Singapore, as well as developing its products and services.

As a result CEO Graeme Gibbon Brooks felt the time is right for the expansion and repositioning of the company. “There is always an argument to stay small-scale and niche but the time is right for a new approach,” he said. “Our true identity has always been as a maritime operations company – our 24-hour ops room is our heart and soul, and producing expert intelligence analysis is just one output of our operation. Dryad has built up the right expertise, experience and reputation to seize a great opportunity to occupy a broader space within the maritime operations industry. The re-positioning of the company comes as we complete our current phase of expansion and diversification which will see our offering extend far beyond purely intelligence services.”

Dryad’s bulletin explained that the “new products and services have been developed by Dryad’s expert and highly experienced team of former Royal Navy operators who work side-by-side to employees with proven commercial sector experience. Dryad Maritime attributes its success to the empathy and genuine concern its team have for seafarers and SOLAS due to their own high-risk operational experience.”

The bulletin also noted that “high fuel prices and low freight rates have had a significant impact on the profitability of shipping and Dryad’s newest offering, the Voyage Efficiency Service, addresses these issues.” The new product “effectively combines weather and fleet monitoring with risk mitigation and regulatory compliance to streamline operations on behalf of operators saving them time, money and administrative burden by using the very latest meteorological and environmental data modelling. Already Dryad is providing weather and efficiency routing to one of the world’s leading charterers,” the company said.

“The Voyage Efficiency Service works in partnership with Dryad’s newest service launched earlier this year, PRISM – Professional, Risk & Integrated Services Management which is an extension of Dryad’s managed service offering. PRISM reflects the changing landscape of maritime crime and offers a unique range of cost effective and flexible solutions based around the ever changing threats to maritime operations.”

Brooks added: “I am confident that the robust strategic plans put in place by our board of directors will set Dryad Maritime on a firm footing to compete effectively in a broader market. We’ve built our reputation by providing intelligence and risk analysis which adds insight, meaning and prediction – undoubtedly our extension of services will adhere to the same principles.”

Source: Dryad Maritime

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