Most Popular Insurance Journal International Stories of 2014

December 31, 2014

Listed below are 10 of the most popular articles that appeared in the international section on Insurance Journal in 2014 in no particular order:

Somali Pirates Driven Off in First Attack of 2014 – After this first setback, it was not a good year for the pirates.

Weak El Nino Could Still Happen Later This Year – Whether it rains or whether it snows, when El Nino will occur nobody knows.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Search Area Spreads on Analysis of Final Nosedive – An urgent alarm on the necessity of upgrading how commercial aircraft are tracked during flight.

Winter Storm ‘Bomb’ Watch Begins from New York to Europe – Bombs away! as winter got an early start in both the U.S. and Europe.

Toyota Recalls 1.75 Million Vehicles Worldwide for Fuel, Brake Flaws – 2014 must have engendered more automobile recalls than ever before, but they should have checked the airbags at the same time.

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Insurance May Pose Quandary – The real quandary is proving who is responsible for bringing down flight MH17 with a sophisticated anti-aircraft missile.

Aspen Rejects Endurance’s $3.2B Hostile Acquisition Bid As ‘Ill-Conceived’ – Despite the efforts of John R. Charman, Endurance’s chairman and CEO, Aspen’s board found nothing very charming in his offer to take over the company.

Reinsurance at Crossroads As New Factors Sweep Away Old Habits – Reinsurers and brokers continued to be impacted by the flow of alternative capital into the sector and low investment yields.

Oasis Consortium of 21 Insurers, Brokers Launches Independent Cat Model – Oasis ‘open source’ cat model signaled a new departure in analytical products that provide greater certainty in gauging the likely costs of disasters.

Part II – Reinsurance: Emerging Markets and Risks – The Road Ahead – James Vickers, chairman of Willis Re International, explains how more sophisticated cat models have made significant changes for reinsurance underwriters and brokers.

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