XL Catlin Launches Protect & Assist in Australia

February 27, 2018

XL Catlin has launched Protect and Assist, an accident and health insurance solution designed to help Australian businesses protect their people and meet their duty of care in the face of emerging risks and heightened security threats.

Protect and Assist offers global coverage and works by combining comprehensive personal accident and corporate travel insurance with a wide range of support and response services designed to:

  • Reduce and prevent risks before people travel;
  • Provide assistance and support to people where and when they need it; and
  • Provide insurance cover when things go wrong at home or abroad.

A key feature of Protect and Assist is that clients can build their own solution by incorporating both core and optional services and coverages.

“In developing this solution, we recognised we had a great opportunity to totally rethink what a client wants and needs and to build from the ground up a modern product that serves business today,” said Patrick Corbett, global head of Life, Accident & Health at XL Catlin.

“I believe we have achieved that by providing a solution which proactively strengthens and supports a client’s duty of care, protecting their greatest asset, their people, from unexpected risks in the workplace and when traveling for business,” he added.

Nicole Yates, head of Accident & Health for Australia, said: “What we have developed is a proposition which incorporates not only what is expected in a comprehensive Accident & Health solution in this region, but also the best of what is available in larger markets such as the United Kingdom, Europe and the U.S.”

Source: XL Catlin

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