Lockton Re Launches SAGE 2.0 to Boost Reinsurance Analytics

September 21, 2022

Lockton Re, the global reinsurance business of the world’s largest privately held independent insurance broker, launches Lockton Re SAGE 2.0, its next level of analytics features and tools as part of Lockton Re’s proprietary software platform.

“Lockton Re’s SAGE is a modern, first-of-its-kind decision making platform for clients. It uses state of the art analytics approaches allowing real time management of data and comprehensive risk transfer analysis. Its dynamic and transparent capabilities show different re/insurance structures and an easy-to-use interface for users to compare hundreds of options,” commented Claude Yoder, global head of Analytics, Lockton Re.

Lockton Re SAGE 2.0 includes new features that provide clients deeper insight and impact, Yoder added.

Five new features include:


  • Creates 100s of structures ranked against key metrics.
  • Eliminates undesirable structures applying pricing information and other market-based data.


  • Demonstrates the portfolio impact of “as if” scenarios on changing growth strategies by line and geography.
  • Illustrates the growth trajectory and key metrics on a dynamic countrywide map for any line of business.


  • Compares KPIs over time to peers to determine financial performance trends.
  • Enables flexible and customizable peer selections to view historical financial performance relative to the industry, specific segments, or individual carriers.
  • Assesses peers to enhance target metrics in determining growth opportunities and rating objectives.


  • Grants users’ access to quotes in near real time
  • Compares quotes using unique user interface for ease of firm order term creation.

Reinsurer selection:

  • Serves up ratings and financial data for over 3000 partners.
  • Allows users to easily bring forward incumbent and target markets to seamlessly create go-forward panels.

Source: Lockton Re

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