Markets/Coverages: Tech Firm Gabriel Partners With Re/insurer Chaucer and Crisis Mgmt Specialist to Offer Active Assailant Product

March 21, 2024

Gabriel, an Israel-based technology company that tackles the challenge of mass shootings and workplace violence threats, announced it has partnered with global specialty re/insurance group Chaucer and crisis management specialists Merrill Herzog to provide an active assailant insurance product designed to prevent and mitigate against mass shootings.

Gabriel’s Active Assailant product uses AI technology to alert insureds when an attack is taking place, notify emergency services and neighbouring buildings, and to establish a video-linked command platform to effectively manage the crisis in real time.

Merrill Herzog will then provide immediate expert advice and support for organizations when a crisis occurs.

Yoni Sherizen

Insureds – such as schools, universities, hospitals and places of worship – which buy active assailant cover from Chaucer have the benefit of including Gabriel. Gabriel then builds and installs an incident security dashboard, and Merrill Herzog assists with crisis response when an incident is triggered.

Liz Heslip

The product is a combined property damage, business interruption and liability cover, following an active assailant incident at the insured’s location or a neighbouring site. It also covers business interruption following the threat of an active assailant and loss of attraction following an incident.

“Chaucer [has] partnered with Gabriel and Merrill Herzog, two companies at the forefront of saving lives and crisis response in the event of an active assailant incident. We believe through these partnerships we have the most technologically advanced and unique Active Assailant product in the market,” commented Liz Heslip, class underwriter at Chaucer.

“Our work with Chaucer represents a historic step in preventing mass shootings and other active assailant threats. By incentivising preventative measures, this forward-thinking insurance is focused on getting ahead of threats with smart technology and not just pay for their consequences,” according to Gabriel CEO Yoni Sherizen.

Paul Hatcher

“I believe this is a first step towards setting a new standard for active assailant, deadly weapons, and workplace violence cover. From now on, they will actually prevent threats, not just pay for their deadly impact,” Sherizen said.

“Merrill Herzog and Gabriel are working together to combine technology and practical solutions to prepare for and help to prevent active shooter incidents. We are delighted to work with Chaucer to bring this powerful solution to their insurance clients,” said Paul Hatcher, CEO of Merrill Herzog.

About Gabriel

Gabriel is a technology company that tackles the challenge of mass shootings and workplace violence threats, together with leading insurers. With offices in Austin, Texas, and Modiin, Israel, Gabriel works with risk managers, underwriters, carriers and brokers to reduce risk and stop critical incidents before they cost untold damage and lives.

About Chaucer

A specialty re/insurance group, Chaucer’s services are accessed both through Lloyd’s of London and the London company markets. It is a member of the China Re Group.

About Merrill Herzog

Headquartered Jackson, Wyoming, Merrill Herzog provides immediate expert advice and support for organizations when a crisis occurs. Its crisis response teams are prepared to deploy and support stakeholders and decision makers with guidance and recommendations to help stabilize, manage, and bring successful resolution to the crisis.

Source: Gabriel

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