Aon Hires Founder of Center for Aggression Management

July 16, 2003

Chicago-based Aon Corp. licensed the rights to the Center for Aggression Management, and hired Dr. John D. Byrnes, the center’s founder and director, as a full-time consultant.

The Center for Aggression Management, an organization dedicated to proactively identifying, measuring and preventing the risks related to workplace aggression and violence, represents the newest in a line of crisis risk management capabilities established within Aon’s crisis management practice

Aon will provide clients comprehensive diagnostic techniques to identify and measure the hard costs associated with aggression in the workplace, and will work with clients to develop effective policies and procedures to identify and mitigate these risks.

Research compiled by the center indicates that hidden hard costs attributed to aggression in the workplace are substantial, in some cases totaling 4.8 days of lost productivity, per employee, per year, as a result of absenteeism created by aggressive coworker behavior.
Additionally, employee aggression can result in high turnover, presenteeism (employees who are on the job but significantly distracted), passive aggressive behavior, decreased employee and customer satisfaction, loss of morale and motivation, and finally, loss of employee loyalty to the company.

Byrnes, author of the book, Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior, created the Center for Aggression Management in 1993.

Byrnes has conducted seminars and workshops for some of our country’s largest corporations, organizations and schools, including the United States Post Service, NASA, Disney Development Company, Florida Hospitals, the U.S. Army Center for Civilian Human Resource Management, the Mississippi Safe Schools Center, numerous school districts across the country, as well as many national associations.

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