Got Comp? Minn. Comp Insurance Look-Up Now Online

April 4, 2005

Online information about whether a Minnesota employer has the required workers’ compensation coverage is now available to the public on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Web site.

Interested parties can learn whether an employer had workers’ compensation coverage on a specific date, who the insurance carrier was and how to contact the insurance carrier.

If a visitor is unable to find the employer of interest on the Web site using the look-up tool, they can use an online interactive form for an e-mail response from the DLI Special Compensation Fund’s Insurance Verification unit. Visitors can also inquire about an employer’s insurance coverage via a PDF form that can be mailed or faxed to the agency for response.

In addition, if a visitor suspects an employer is without coverage, he or she can complete an interactive form to submit to the DLI Special Compensation Fund for further investigation.

The Special Compensation Fund’s Investigative Services Section investigates employers that may not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees. Results of these mandatory coverage investigations may be referred for civil penalty action.

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