Home Value Protection Insurance Comes to Indiana

March 28, 2012

Home Value Protection is now available in Indiana. With a Home Value Protection policy, homeowners can insure the market value of their home—the largest financial asset of most families—from volatile market cycles.

“Housing prices have been, and will continue to be, notoriously difficult to predict,” explained Scott Ryles, CEO of Home Value Insurance Co. “Homeowners have long been able to buy insurance to protect against devastating events like fires and floods. Luckily, most people will never experience a significant casualty loss. However, nearly every homeowner has experienced a loss of home value in recent years. In fact, our research shows that 58 percent of homeowners recognize that the most likely risk to impact their home is loss of home value. Now they insure against that potential loss,” said Ryles.

For a typical Indiana home, monthly Home Value Protection premiums are from $20 to $30 a month. To track housing values, Home Value Protection insurance uses the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, a leading industry measure that tracks local housing market performance.

Indiana is the fourth state in the nation where this insurance policy for owner-occupied, primary residences is being offered by Home Value Insurance Co., a licensed insurance carrier regulated by the Indiana Department of Insurance.

“Despite some recent positive signs in the Indiana housing market, many prospective homebuyers are sitting on the sidelines, unwilling to risk a down payment to market forces beyond their control. With Home Value Protection, homebuyers no longer have to worry if the market has hit bottom. They can insure their down payment against a drop in home prices and still realize the upside when home values appreciate,” said Ryles.

Existing homeowners also benefit, since a Home Value Protection policy insures that they won’t lose more equity from continued home price volatility, or be stuck if values are down when they want to sell.

Home Value Protection insurance is available from independent insurance agents in Indiana or directly through the company’s Web site. The company is building a network of independent insurance agencies across the state, who will be appointed to sell Home Value Protection insurance.

Home Value Insurance Company is proceeding with US expansion plans as it seeks to address demand from homeowners and prospective homebuyers. In addition to Indiana, Home Value Protection is available in Ohio, Oklahoma and Georgia.

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