Occupied FEMA Units in Ward County, N.D. Below 1,000

October 22, 2012

The number of temporary Federal Emergency Management Agency housing units in Ward County, North Dakota that are still occupied has dropped below 1,000.

FEMA calls it “an important milestone” as Minot and surrounding communities continue their recovery from the devastating summer 2011 Souris River flood.

FEMA made more than 2,000 mobile homes available after the flooding for displaced residents. More than 1,200 were still in use in August, and FEMA extended its temporary housing program in the area by six months, through next June 24. People remaining in FEMA housing after Jan.1 will be charged rent.

In addition to the housing, FEMA says it has provided more than $90 million in financial assistance to people and households impacted by the flood.

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