Iowa City Work Prompts Lower Flood Insurance Rates

November 7, 2013

Property owners in Iowa City’s 100-year flood plain will get a 15 percent discount on their flood insurance premiums because of city efforts on a variety of flood-related projects.

Property owners in the flood plain will see the 15 percent discount – up from a 10 percent break – starting in May, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported. The increased discount came after a federal review found city efforts had reduced risks since the 2008 flooding, which damaged homes, businesses and many buildings on the University of Iowa campus.

“It’s not only limited to our flood plain management, it’s also a reflection of our stormwater management policies, how we frequently check bridges, culverts, places we know there is a risk of debris getting caught up,” said Julie Tallman, a city development regulations specialist.

The city also has improved protection of vulnerable wells, arranged a system for installing temporary flood protection, improved the system for disseminating information to residents and razed buildings in flood-prone areas.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency noted the city’s efforts in 2011 with a certification that merited a 10 percent discount.

“I thought that didn’t reflect everything we’ve done, so I asked for a re-certification,” Tallman said. “What we really need to do now is make good on the promises we made during this period, so when they come back and audit our program, they’ll see we have engaged in the activities and are keeping records.”

Tallman said another review is likely in five years and the city could see a larger flood insurance discount.

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