North Dakota Regulators Recover $6.3M for Insurance Consumers in 2013

April 10, 2014

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm announced that almost $6.3 million was recovered or saved for North Dakota citizens in 2013 through intervention by the state insurance department.

This number represents money recovered on behalf of North Dakotans through the department’s hotline, through complaints filed by consumers against insurance companies and agents, and through investigations performed by the department. It also includes benefits received through the department’s Prescription Connection (PC) and State Health Insurance Counseling (SHIC) programs.

Also included in the 2013 Consumer Assistance, Enforcement Action and Fraud Report t are statistics on fraud and consumer contacts.

In 2013, the department received an all-time high of 158 fraud referrals, totaling $321,379.65 in actual losses. The department hotline handled 15,103 phone calls, helped 212 walk-in clients and processed 195 formal complaints. The department also handled 9,758 SHIC and PC contacts.

Source: North Dakota Department of Insurance

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