Ohio Workers’ Comp Agency Appeals Overcharge Ruling

June 30, 2014

The state is appealing a court ruling that says Ohio’s state insurance fund for injured workers set up an illegal rating system that resulted in employers being overcharged nearly $860 million over several years.

The unanimous decision by the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals in May affects about 270,000 mostly small-business owners who were allegedly charged unfair premiums from July 2001 to June 2009.

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announced it is appealing to the Ohio Supreme Court, saying it looks forward to presenting its case.

“Today BWC filed its intent to appeal to the Supreme Court. We look forward to presenting our case,” BWC spokesperson Melissa Vince said in an emailed statement. “This case was originally filed in 2007 and, as the plaintiffs themselves have said, is about BWC policies that were developed more than a decade ago under previous administrations. The policies in place at BWC today approach these issues very differently and we look forward to putting this issue behind us.”

The appeals court returned the case to a Cleveland judge to recalculate the exact amount owed employers, a process that can run parallel to the Supreme Court appeal.

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