Michigan Insurance Regulators: Over 8,600 Consumers Assisted in February

March 24, 2016

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services said its Office of Consumer Services assisted 8,698 consumers across the state and helped recover $422,195 during February.

DIFS Director Patrick McPharlin said some notable recoveries staff assisted with were:

  • Helping a consumer convince her credit union that she was in fact 100 percent beneficiary on her late husband’s account so that the proceeds would not have to be sent through Probate Court.
  • Assisting a consumer in recovering benefits totaling $13,337 under an accident only plan.
  • Getting an automobile policy reinstated and a claim paid for a consumer after the insurance company erroneously dropped the vehicle from the coverage.
  • Helping a consumer receive a full premium refund after their insurance agent allegedly misrepresented their annuity.

DIFS encourages consumers to first attempt to resolve disputes directly with their financial service entity. If a resolution cannot be reached, the department can help try to resolve disputes.

Consumer complaints continued to rise over the past three months. Last month 325 new complaints were opened and 279 complaints were closed. Some complaints can lead to larger consumer protection actions. One complaint resulted in the revocation of the insurance licenses of an insurance producer and title company for issuing fraudulent insurance certificates and not remitting premiums to the insurers.

Source: Michigan DIFS

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