Wisconsin Court: Bulldog Attack Not Covered by Insurance Policy

May 17, 2018

A Wisconsin appellate court says an insurance company doesn’t have to cover a bulldog attack that left a woman hospitalized.

Shawn Lievense’s bulldog, Tank, attacked Sara Hanson and Kathryn Baumann-Mader in Kenosha County in 2015. Police tried to shock Tank with a stun gun but instead shocked Baumann-Mader. Officers opened fire on Tank but hit Baumann-Mader in the foot.

The victims sued Lievense’s insurance company, Integrity Mutual, for compensation. A judge found Integrity’s policy covered only one dog attack and Tank had already bit someone months earlier.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals agreed, adding Integrity doesn’t have to cover injuries caused by police since they arose from Tank’s uncovered attack.

Baumann-Mader’s attorney, Kristin Cafferty, says lawmakers should require all owners of vicious dogs to get insurance and require insurers to notify owners of coverage limits.

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