Seasonal Greetings Not So Merry for Some Fortune 500 Companies

November 15, 2000

A new computer virus is on the loose, according to wire reports, this time in the form of an attachment with the name “NAVIDAD.EXE.” Thus far, at least 10 Fortune 500 companies have reported some problems from the irritating virus, but nothing too serious.

The virus, which affects computers using Microsoft’s Windows operating system, is written mostly in Spanish. Antivirus experts are saying the virus might have arrived from South America. “Navidad” comes in the form of a reply when a user sends an e-mail to an infected computer. When the attachment is opened, a message in Spanish reads: “Never press this button.”

If the button is pressed, a message says: “Feliz Navidad. Unfortunately you have given in to temptation and will lose your computer.” However, this threat has turned out to be false, although the virus may cause computers to lock up. Most antivirus scanners should be able to detect and prevent damage from the not-so-merry virus.

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