HNC Software Releases Three Web-Enabled Tools for EDI in Workers’ Comp

December 7, 2000

HNC Insurance Solutions, a division of San Diego, Calif.-based HNC Software, and a provider of solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI) for the workers’ compensation insurance industry, released two new web-enabled injury reporting software products for both large and small insurance carriers, AC-Web™ (Admin Connect Web) and SC-Web™ (State Connect Web).

The products enable carriers to send workers’ compensation injury reports over the Internet and thereby eliminate the expense to carriers of installing and maintaining their own in-house EDI reporting systems. The California Division of Workers’ Compensation, is one of the first organizations to use SC-Web for the convenience of small carriers and self-insured employers in California.

SC-Web provides state jurisdictions with the ability to allow smaller insurance carriers and self-insured employers to submit their first report of injury and subsequent reports to state agencies via the Internet directly into the state’s claims reporting application.

AC-Web (client hosted) allows claims administrators to submit state-mandated, electronic injury reports and filings through the web. It is designed to serve the needs of large insurance carriers and administrators. AC-Web is also available in an HNC-hosted ASP model for small insurance carriers and administrators. HNC Insurance Solutions also released Trans-Connect™, new software that allows claims and risk management software developers to fully integrate e-commerce solutions into their applications for employers, claims administrators and state jurisdictions.

Trans-Connect is an EDI developers’ tool set that allows application software developers in claims, risk and state organizations to completely integrate the EDI process into a transparent application solution. With Trans-Connect, carriers and claims administrators can seamlessly access EDI rules and data in real-time on their systems. Developers can make routine calls using Trans-Connect to perform edits, reformat data from internal application formats to the ASC X12 standard and communicate to the receiving party.

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