Docucorp Delivers Document Intelligence, XML Capabilities

August 24, 2001

DocucorpĀ®, a provider of enterprise information solutions, announced the integration of numerous XML components within its core technology. According to the company, with a product set that already addresses the complete enterprise information lifecycle (acquire, manage, personalize and present), Docucorp will utilize XML to further ease the exchange of information and to tie together future product releases.

Docucorp indicated that XML promises a number of significant advantages, with one of the most significant being the separation of the data and content of a document from its presentation. Unlike HTML, which defines how data is presented (i.e., its “look and feel”), XML defines what data means. This feature will benefit companies with applications that must pull data from many different sources to compose communications or documents, such as an insurance company with a large commercial policy, or a utility with a bundled billing mechanism. With the ability to make data “intelligent,” XML will speed the construction of these enterprise-wide documents and make information archival, retrieval and presentation much more efficient and cost-effective.

Following are some of Docucorp’s current applications of XML:

— The bundling of the Netscape XML parser with Documaker RP Server for general purpose XML file loading and assembly.

— The integration of Documaker RP Server with several XML data interchange format standards for feeding publishing operations, including ACORD (insurance), Docucorp’s own standard, and customer-specific XML input syntaxes.

— A facility within Docupresentment to export intelligent document data as XML for use in presentment as XHTML with XSL.

— Transaction data exchange within i-Entry.

— The use of XML with XHTML and XSL in Payment Connect to accomplish Electronic Bill presentment.

Servicing the entire enterprise information lifecycle, Docucorp’s information software, application service provider (ASP) hosting and professional consulting services enable companies to implement solutions in-house or fully outsource to Docucorp. The company has an installed base of more than 900 customers, including many of the largest insurance, utility and financial services organizations.

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