Cover-All Technologies Introduces Data Repository

December 19, 2001

Cover-All Technologies Inc., a provider of technology-based solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry, introduced the Insurance Policy Database (IPD), an open architecture data repository. IPD will give Cover-All clients access to current and historic policy data for reporting, interfacing and data mining.

IPD will provide clients with a pair of benefits.

The first is a powerful ad-hoc reporting capability for direct access to the full range of stored data using third-party reporting tools. As a repository for all current and historical policy data, IPD will provide a strong foundation for data mining. The second is the ease of interfacing to accounting, reinsurance, claims, statistical and other systems. IPD was also designed to support upload/download of data using ACORD™ Standards and XML.

IPD will store data from Cover-All’s rating and policy issuance systems. Cover-All clients can choose to automatically update IPD in real-time or batch depending upon business needs.

IPD can be implemented using Oracle® or any ODBC-compliant database that offers flexibility and is designed to store policy information in a clear and coherent business structure based on ACORD™ Standards. The data repository is delivered with a complete data dictionary and “how to” instructions.

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