Fujitsu Consulting Works with Intel to Launch

May 24, 2002

Fujitsu Consulting, a global provider of management and technology consulting, has launched its new insurance services and solutions suite. Working with Intel, they have developed a business collaboration and process automation solution that will cut back on repetitive manual entry tasks and increase collaboration between business partners.

“We see web services and integration of the insurance value chain as an opportunity for the insurance industry to reduce costs and improve service,” said Jack Horney, Senior Vice President of the Eastern Market Segment, Fujitsu Consulting Fujitsu Insurance XML Web Services: A New Breed Solution.

The iFIRST solution from Fujitsu Consulting uses XML Web Services integration technology to help carriers and partners exchange information in real time. Utilizing ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) XML standards, the solution provides a documented way that any kind of application can interact via the Web Service.

The solution reduces the number of data entry points and offers an interface for the range of data sources that carriers can tap into when assembling the information used in underwriting. The solution can also operate for a mobile worker in a sales or servicing situation.

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