Metaserver Unveils P/C Carrier Integration Solution

January 15, 2003

Metaserver, Inc., a developer of best-of-breed Business Process Integration (BPI) software, announced the first of its packaged solutions targeted specifically for mid-market insurance companies. The initial offering is called the P/C Carrier Integration Solution and is designed to help property and casualty insurance carriers streamline business processes that involve agency interaction.

“The insurance sector is a key area for us because of the applicability of BPI in that market,” Richard Schultz, Metaserver’s CEO, said. “Our solution greatly simplifies the interaction between the different groups involved in an insurance transaction. We are excited about our new solution because we know we can make a direct impact on carriers’ bottom lines by helping improve customer service and generate new business.”

Metaserver’s packaged solution builds on the Metaserver 4.0 product by including predefined business processes that manage ACORD transactions and pre-built connectors that interact with intermediaries such as IVANS and virtually any back-end or external application.

In addition to the automation capabilities found in its core product, Metaserver’s P/C Carrier Integration Solution features predefined business models that include ACORD XML definitions commonly used in agency-carrier transactions. The predefined processes give carriers a jump-start on handling real-time application submissions, providing quotes, responding to typical agency requests, and a host of other business functions.

Metaserver plans to roll out a number of additional packaged solutions for mid-market insurance companies throughout 2003 to help companies streamline claims processing, detect fraudulent claims, and provide better customer support through customer 360 and self-service initiatives.

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