Agency Business Systems Notes Interface with WinFSC

February 7, 2003

Agency Business Systems ( announced an intelligent interface with WinFSC, a comparative rating system.

ABS Agency Builder is a Microsoft Windows based agency management system designed and priced to meet the needs of budget conscious insurance agencies. The ABS® interface with WinFSC gives agencies the ability to rate policies, and instantly have that information available in the agency management system. The elimination of duplicate data entry assures ease of use, as well as agency management accuracy. Because this interface is a no-charge option, even small agencies can enjoy powerful yet affordable agency management coupled with advanced comparative rating.

The ABS®/WinFSC interface can be used as a bridge from within WinFSC to automatically update the ABS® database. It can also be used from within ABS® to import quotes that were previously exported from WinFSC. The user interface is the same, regardless of whether it is used to import, or as a bridge.

The graphical user interface displays a list of quotes that can create new accounts, add policies to an existing account, or update existing policies in existing accounts. All of this is done with a simple drag-and-drop mouse action.

ABS Agency Builder is a product of Agency Business Systems, Incorporated of Portland, Ore. and is available to insurance agencies in all areas of the United States. WinFSC is a product of Fiserv FSC, and is currently available in California and Arizona.

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