Trusted Choice Campaign Hits the Airwaves Again

August 16, 2005

Trusted Choice, the consumer marketing brand for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, will again air television ads for a two week run next month, touting the benefits of using the association’s participating agencies and their branch locations.

The nationwide ad flight begins Sept. 12 and ends Sept. 25. The ads will run on cable channels ESPN, Fox News, Turner Network Television (TNT), The History Channel and Home & Garden Television (HGTV).

In all, 57 spots will air during many top-rated cable shows, including “SportsCenter” and Major League Baseball on ESPN, “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, primetime programming on HGTV, primetime movies on TNT and The History Channel’s popular “Modern Marvels” show.

“Each program the spots will appear on has been carefully selected to ensure that we achieve maximum reach in the Trusted Choice target audience,” said Ronald A. Smith, president of Smith, Sawyer & Smith Inc., a Rochester, Ind.-based Trusted Choice agency, and chairman of the brand program’s board of directors. “This advertising will help educate millions of consumers on the benefits of using a Trusted Choice agency— choice of policies, customized coverages and advocacy support.”

These highly targeted ad placements will further build consumer awareness and recognition of the Trusted Choice brand as well as its participating agencies, said Trusted Choice Executive Director Jeffrey A. Myers.

“This ad flight will complement the two cable television ad flights (in March and May) that Trusted Choice has run thus far in 2005, as well as the online advertising campaign run in June and July,” Myers explains. Myers also urges participating Trusted Choice agencies to run local tie-in ad campaigns to compound their benefit from the nationwide ad flight.

Participating agencies can be preview and order the ‘tag-able’ TV and radio ads at by logging onto the “Agents/Brokers” area and then clicking on “Advertising.” The print ads can be previewed and downloaded directly from this section as well.

“Now is the time to take advantage of this excellent advertising opportunity. For a relatively small investment an agency can double its exposure with local consumers as the Trusted Choice for insurance and financial services,” Myers said.

Thirty insurance companies are participating in Trusted Choice. Ten national insurers are Trusted Choice company partners: Encompass Insurance, Markel Insurance Company, MetLife Auto & Home, Ohio Casualty Insurance, Drive Insurance from Progressive, Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Safeco Insurance and three Unitrin, Inc. divisions: Kemper Auto and Home, Unitrin Business Insurance and Unitrin Specialty.

A total of 19 regional companies are Trusted Choice company partners: Allied Insurance, America First Insurance, Capital Insurance Group, Central Insurance Companies, Colorado Casualty, Consumers Insurance, GoAmerica Auto Insurance, Golden Eagle Insurance, Hawkeye-Security Insurance, Indiana Insurance, Liberty Northwest Insurance Corp., The Main Street America Group, Maine Mutual Group, Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance, Montgomery Insurance, National Security Fire & Casualty, Peerless Insurance, Selective Insurance Group and Summit Insurance (R.I.). InsurBanc, a federal thrift bank created by the Big “I,” is a Trusted Choice strategic partner.

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