RiskMeter Adds New Storm Surge Report to Online Hazard Lookup

April 6, 2007

CDS Business Mapping, LLC, which develops online hazard mapping, has added a new storm surge report to its RiskMeter Online real-time, natural hazard risk report service.

The RiskMeter is used by underwriters and agents to automate property lookups. It performs lookups on distance to coast, windpool eligibility, rating territories (company specific), proximity to brush, earthquake information, flood zones and others.

Currently, the storm surge report is available for Ala., Fla., Ga., La., Mass., Miss., N.C., N.H., N.Y., S.C. and Texas with more states to be added in the next couple of weeks.

The RiskMeter Online’s Storm Surge report is based upon the SLOSH (Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes) storm surge model. This report lets users know if a property falls within an area likely to flood from a hurricane of a specific strength, as well as the maximum storm surge height for each category of storm.

According to CDS, this report also improves on flaws with existing storm surge models, providing insurers with an easy to use tool with more information. Although flood maps approximate storm surge levels, RiskMeter says its storm surge reports are more detailed and provide users with a more realistic assessment of coastal flooding.

Source: RiskMeter.com

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