States, Federal Agencies Try to Keep Up With Wildfires

By John Gramlich | August 20, 2007

  • August 20, 2007 at 7:42 am
    Gill Fin says:
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    for not managing the forests to reduce or eliminate the damage to over 1 million acres burned in Idaho and Montana. I just spent two weeks in Montana and I know global warming. Fires not only destroyed precious timber but homes in cities too.
    The absence of any real management, including methods to control the spread of fires, demonstrates the negligence of our federal government. Its time, in the names of conservation, timber, property and most importantly lives, to kick the so called environmentalists to the curb where they belong. Their idea of conservation the last 30 years has produced more fuel on the forest floor than ever, along with killing small logging towns and producing record wildfire losses. Time for some balance, time for common sense.

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