Swett & Crawford Offers Hospital Threat and Child Abduction Insurance

September 3, 2008

Responding to the increasing exposure of hospitals and healthcare facilities to baby and child abductions, violence to patients, staff and property, and other related threats, insurance wholesale brokerage Swett & Crawford is offering Hospital Threat and Abduction insurance coverage.

Coverage is available for a broad range of potential incidents to which these institutions are vulnerable. They include abduction of an infant or child; threats of violence against staff, management or volunteers; threats of damage to the facility’s property; a range of extortion threats, including those to reveal proprietary data, kill or injure patients or personnel, damage property, contaminate medical supplies or disrupt computer operations; hijacking of ambulances or other vehicles; unlawful detention of patients or staff; and kidnap for ransom of directors, officers, employees or patients being treated on the premises.

Covered losses may include legal liability, loss of revenue, fees and expenses of Control Risks (professional security consultants deployed worldwide within 24 hours), costs of additional security, ransom payments, and death or dismemberment benefits. Additional expenses that may be covered include costs of travel and accommodations, medical and psychiatric care, reward monies, legal counsel, salaries of victims, cost of replacement personnel, rest and rehabilitation, and interest on loans raised to meet demands.

” While there is tremendous energy extended to avoid the abduction of a baby or child from a hospital or the threat of violence against patients and hospital staff, unfortunately sometime these events occur and this is another way to be prepared for such a crisis ” explained Jason White, leader of the Swett & Crawford Professional Services Practice Group.

The coverage includes preventive counsel along with incident management advice.

Source: Swett & Crawford

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