Markel, Towing Contractors Renew Insurance Partnership

March 11, 2010

Markel has renewed its partnership with the Independent Garage & Towing Contractors, Inc. (IGTC) to administer a tailored insurance program for tow truck companies and to work with local agents to arrange an insurance program for them.

The Markel and IGTC tow insurance program offers general liability, business auto, on-hook and garage keepers’ liability, and other insurance coverages.

“It’s important for tow truck companies to choose coverages and limits that adequately protect their businesses. Towers and garages should carry insurance coverage for cargo while it is being loaded, unloaded, transported, and in their care and custody for repairs,” said Skip Mulvey, vice president of IGTC.

According to Mulvey, “on-hook” and garage keepers’ liability coverages are not included in standard commercial truck policies yet are essential for these businesses.

Source: Markel and IGTC

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