Hiscox Releases Special Protection Insurance for Houses of Worship

March 12, 2010

Hiscox has launched a Houses of Worship coverage, a new offering through its Special Protection Solution program.

The product addresses risks faced by religious institutions within the United States and abroad with no country exclusions. The Houses of Worship Special Protection Solution includes coverage for expenses incurred by religious institutions responding to acts of violence that may result in death or serious injury to personnel and parishioners. The policy also reimburses expenses related to threats of violence, extortion, and kidnapping.

Handling of these circumstances can require specialized knowledge to ensure the safe return of directors, officers, employees, volunteers, mission attendees, students, chaperones, consultants and independent contractors. Hiscox’s kidnap and ransom underwriting team works with Control Risks, an independent specialist risk consultancy.

Jeremy Lang, manager, U.S. Kidnap and Ransom insurance, Hiscox USA, said the product was developed in response to broker requests for a program that would not only protect houses of worship against violent assaults on their premises but would also provide coverage for those who work or volunteer abroad on the organization’s behalf against threats and travel associated risks.

The Houses of Worship Special Protection Solution covers expenses incurred in responding to:

  • kidnaps for ransom
  • acts of violence resulting in death or serious injury
  • threats of violence and/or damage to property
  • disappearances of members from a sponsored activity or while travelling
  • express kidnaps
  • travel evacuations
  • loss of earnings as a result of an insured event.
  • specified extortion threats

Covered losses may include:

  • legal liability
  • loss of revenue
  • costs of increased security
  • costs to evacuate insured persons to safety
  • fees and expenses of professional security consultants deployed within 24 hours worldwide
  • death or dismemberment benefit
  • ransom/extortion money
  • additional expenses including travel and accommodation costs, legal advice, personal financial loss, public relations, psychiatric and medical care, rest and rehabilitation expenses and additional reasonable necessary expenses.

In addition to the Houses of Worship Special Protection Solution, Hiscox offers a variety of industry specific Kidnap and Ransom products including: Corporate Risks, Family Risks, Academic Security Risks; Hospital Security Risks and Marine Risks.

Source: Hiscox

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