RLI Marine to Pay Activation Fee on Equipment Anti-Theft Tracking Device

May 8, 2012

RLI Corp. has announced that it will pay the theft activation fee for all of its RLI Marine policy holders who purchase and install an IRONwatch equipment tracking device serviced by the National Equipment Register (NER). This offer will help participating RLI Marine insureds reduce the recovery time and costs associated with stolen equipment.

IRONwatch, a new wireless GPS tracking and recovery device designed for mobile heavy equipment, is offered exclusively through the NER, a member of the Verisk Analytics family of companies. IRONwatch utilizes a “sleeping SIM card” which enables the device to be left in sleep mode until it needs to be activated to locate a missing piece of equipment. IRONwatch is supported by a 24-hour call center that uses the NER to support the investigation and recovery of stolen equipment. With this support system, IRONwatch is able to deliver location and recovery information to equipment owners and law enforcement for misplaced or stolen equipment.

RLI Marine will pay the activation fee every time an insured’s IRONwatch device is activated and a theft is reported to law enforcement. There are no monthly monitoring fees associated with using the IRONwatch device.

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