Fireman’s Fund Secures New Tree Service Vendor for Homeowner Insureds

January 14, 2014

Fireman’s Fund has secured HMI as one of its Prestige Advisory Services vendors. HMI manages a national network of credentialed tree care companies representing more than 2,500 tree crews and 1,500 certified arborists. HMI provides a new inspection service that can identify structurally compromised trees and make recommendations to either reduce or eliminate the risks they pose to nearby people and property. Fallen trees, which can weigh more than 30,000 pounds, can lead to costly damage. Among tree-related claims evaluated by HMI, nearly 87% exhibited pre-existing conditions which made the trees susceptible to failure, according to HMI statistics data.

HMI is offering the following pre-loss inspection services for free to Fireman’s Fund Prestige Home policyholders(available only where HMI has participating arborists):

  • A visual inspection of all large trees (trunks of at least eight inches in diameter) that could strike the primary home, guest house, garage, and the portion of the driveway where vehicles are routinely parked.
  • An HMI treeFacts report that identifies and describes each tree that is exhibiting serious structural health or health-related symptoms at a specific point in time.
  • A written proposal covering necessary tree care services (e.g., pruning, cabling, removal) that the arborist recommends to reduce or eliminate the potential risks.

Participating arborists may also offer a discountfor general tree work and Plant Health Care services. Plant Health Care services include fertilization, treatments to control or prevent disease and insects, etc.

Any references to vendors are provided as a convenience to our policyholders. Fireman’s Fund is not responsible for the goods or services provided by these vendors and does not make any guarantees regarding their goods or services.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. is a property and casualty insurance company providing personal and commercial insurance products. Fireman’s Fund is a specializes in high net worth, entertainment, and green insurance and is a member of the Allianz Group.

Through its network of professional tree care companies and certified arborists, HMI is a national provider of comprehensive tree and landscaping services for the insurance industry. The company’s services include emergency tree removals, standardized health inspections and average replacement cost analysis of trees.

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