TSC Advantage Enhances Cyber Assessment Technology for Insurers

August 5, 2014

TSC Advantage, an enterprise risk consultancy, has enhanced its cyber risk assessment Threat Vector Manager (TVM) technology for commercial organizations, critical infrastructure and the public sector.

In addition, through its partnership with global insurance underwriters and brokers, TSC Advantage said it is also enhancing pre-binding risk assessment, which supports cyber insurance policies for the critical infrastructure market and for those focusing on cyber terrorism.

TSC Advantage aligns resources against an entity’s highest priority threats. TVM, through its associated Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) component, identifies trends, patterns and areas of elevated risk within enterprise environments and offers customers a measurement of security controls across the following six domains:

  • Insider threat – Examines technical and non-technical precursors of risk from high-risk actors, events and behaviors from human beings throughout an enterprise ecosystem
  • Physical security – Focuses on the potential for physical intrusion and unauthorized access to priority locations where sensitive information is stored and accessed
  • Mobility – Explores vulnerability of data during foreign travel and from mobile devices
  • Data security – Examines risks stemming from the use and defense of enterprise IT resources
  • Internal business operations – Measures the effectiveness of initiatives that manage internal administrative vulnerabilities and critical assets resulting from personnel, organizational or business processes
  • External business operations – Examines an organization’s security strategy, policies and procedures, and threat universe resulting from external engagements

According to Sean Doherty, president of TSC Advantage, the ESA approach “provides evidence-based and objective assessments of internal and external forces affecting a client’s security posture, and is not limited in scope by only focusing on a singular area, such as traditional endpoint concepts and other IT-centric solutions.”

TSC Advantage has also partnered with more than a dozen insurance underwriters operating on the Lloyd’s of London exchange and worldwide insurance brokers to offer a new cyber insurance product designed to address cyber liability exposures that arise within the utility and critical infrastructure sectors. Using TSC Advantage’s ESA risk assessment tool, insurance underwriters get an in-depth look at a pre-insured company’s holistic risk profile that considers evolving cyber threats and potential attacks.

TSC Advantage specializes in the defense of trade secrets, intellectual property and other sensitive information. TSC Advantage is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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