XL Launches Stand-Alone Automotive Parts Recall Policy

May 12, 2015

XL Group has launched a stand-alone automotive parts recall policy, a tailored product designed for suppliers in the automotive industry. The policy delivers a choice of coverage to respond to the increased exposures and liabilities related to automotive recalls.

Recently, the number of automotive recalls has increased significantly around the world. In the US alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2014, automotive product recalls reached a record high of close to 64 million vehicles, more than doubling the previous record set in 2004.

“The rise of global automotive recalls has put vehicle manufacturers under pressure and they are increasingly looking to push the liability down the supply chain. The additional exposure to automotive recalls is creating a demand for a stand-alone product recall policy that addresses the associated financial risk and contractual requirements on suppliers,” said Mark Hutton, UK Product Recall Underwriting Manager of XL Group.

The new stand-alone product offers a choice of specific triggers including product safety issues, product guarantee issues and government ordered recalls.

Cover can be purchased on a contractual or overall turnover basis. XL Group intends to offer this coverage from its London, Asia Pacific and Bermuda hubs.

XL Group plc’s insurance companies offer property, casualty, professional and specialty insurance products globally.

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