Broker Lockton Joins Chubb, MetLife in Withdrawing from NRA Insurance Programs

By | February 27, 2018

Insurance broker Lockton is ending its participation in an insurance program for members of the National Rifle Association, joining MetLife, United Airlines and other companies that have been canceling their business affiliations with the gun owners’ organization.

Lockton has been the insurance broker for the NRA-branded personal liability insurance policy known as Carry Guard, which was announced last April.

Chubb, the insurer for the program, said it pulled out of the gun insurance program several months ago. However the NRA website continues to identify Illinois Union Insurance Co., a Chubb excess and surplus lines carrier, as the insurer for the program.

Neither Chubb nor Lockton gave a reason for their withdrawal.

Lockton Affinity, Lockton’s division providing insurance for nonprofits and professional groups, announced its decision in a tweet:

Gun control lobbying groups have been urging Chubb and Lockton to stop selling what they call “murder insurance” in cooperation with the NRA. Yesterday one group, Guns Down America, flew a banner over Lockton’s Overland Park, Kansas, building urging the broker to stop providing the insurance.

New York insurance regulators last fall began investigating the NRA gun insurance program and whether the compensation paid to the NRA from the program is proper given the NRA is not licensed to sell insurance. According to a person familiar with the matter, the probe has also been looking into whether the insurance itself that covers an intentional act is legal. The New York State Department of Financial Services has not released a final report, however the NRA Carry Guard was not being sold in New York.

NRA Carry Guard provides coverage for gun owners who face legal or other costs for self-defense shootings. The NRA website says the insurance plans are for “those who lawfully carry firearms and their families” and include the cost to defend against civil and criminal legal actions and access to attorneys. Benefits also include payments for bail, criminal defense legal retainer fees, lawful firearm replacement, compensation while in court, psychological support and cleanup costs for any covered claim resulting from the use of a legally possessed firearm—including an act of self-defense.

MetLife Auto and Home announced on Feb. 23 that it was ending its program of discounts for NRA members on home, car, boat and motorcycle insurance. The insurer also tweeted its announcement:


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    Tell the Demonic-crates to leave my guns alone and I will leave them alone.
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    A lot of scary stuff here. A very well funded and powerful "anti gun" group just succeeded bullying big corporations. That's big! Don't blame the companies. What would you do?... read more
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    helpingout says:
    I knew they offered some classes on this, but I was talking about their power in the legislation where they have historically been for the gun manufacturers over people. I say... read more

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