Digital Broker Kelly Klee Launches Online Coverage Plan for Private Clients

October 4, 2018

Kelly Klee, Inc., a digital insurance broker in the high net worth space, has released a customizable online coverage plan for private client insurance.

The new Kelly Klee online coverage plan allows consumers to see quotes for all their assets, including unlimited cars, homes, collections, and umbrella liability.

Kelly Klee’s prospective customers can also customize their insurance plans while viewing them. They can select different product features, such as flood and earthquake coverage, and see how their choices affect their overall rate. Clients can also choose among different insurers, ask their coverage advisor questions, and indicate if they’d like to purchase, all online.

The online coverage plan also offers explanations of key coverages, a comparison of insurers’ benefits, and catastrophic risk assessments provided by insurance data provider HazardHub.

According to CEO Jon Kelly, the new technology allows coverage advisors to automatically generate a detailed coverage plan, customize it, and send it out.

The company has piloted the online coverage plan and said it has already seen significant usage, including the first online sale. It’s next version is being planned based on feedback from early testers and its internal advisors. Features will include the ability to choose between different deductible options and a comparison chart that displays differences between the customer’s existing and proposed coverage.

Kelly Klee provides coverage for high net worth individuals, including for their homes, cars, valuables, and personal liability. Kelly Klee offers tailored coverage plans backed by private client underwriters. The company is headquartered in Englewood, Colo., and is licensed in 50 states. Kelly Klee was founded by insurance technology pioneer Jon Kelly and private client coverage expert Bob Klee.

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