Clearsurance Offers Consumers Insurance Recommendations While Protecting Data

July 12, 2019

Insurance carrier review platform Clearsurance has launched a new home, car and renters insurance recommendation service for consumers. Clearsurance says the new data-driven service provides “personalized, conflict-free” insurance recommendations while also protecting users’ data by removing it after the user finishes with the site rather than storing or selling it as other sites do.

Cleasurance’s new service surfaces the top insurance policies for consumers based on their risk profiles without consumers having to worry about financial conflicts of interest or their data being sold to third parties.

“Many insurance consumers are eligible for discounts as a result of an affinity to specific groups and unique personal attributes that qualify them to save money on their personal insurance policies,” said Michael Crowe, CEO and founder at Clearsurance. He said Clearsurance’s recommendation engine “enables the consumer to identify discount attributes and get recommendations from insurance companies that offer such discounts.”

Consumers can also make choices with the benefit of customer reviews and rating data.

No information entered by consumers is saved or sold to third parties, according to the Massachusetts-based insurtech.

“Data privacy is a major concern across all industries today. Because insurance deals with highly personal information, we made it a priority to leave that information in the hands of the consumers themselves. We’ve created a platform that people can trust as they make these important purchases,” said Tim Hey, vice president of traffic growth and analytics at Clearsurance.

Clearsurance currently features the profiles of 705 insurance companies and 149 insurance agencies that have subscribed to Clearsurance so they can engage with policyholders. Unlike other sites, Clearsurance affiliate partners cannot pay to appear higher on the recommendation list, and any ad displays on the site are clearly designated as such.

Hey said the new recommendation engine refines the decision-making process to ensure that users aren’t shown companies or policies that are a mismatch based on their risk profile.

The insurtech claims that due to the personalized nature of the recommendation engine, which guides users to the best options for their circumstances, conversion rates for the carrier partners using Clearsurance are “often five times or greater than those on other sites.”

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