Markel Corp. Chairman Kirshner to Retire Next May; Steven Markel to Succeed Him

November 20, 2019

Specialty insurer Markel Corp. announced that Alan I. Kirshner, the company’s executive chairman and chairman of the board, will retire as a director and officer of the company in May, 2020. Kirshner has been with Markel for 60 years, serving as chief executive officer and then as chairman.

Steven A. Markel, current board member and vice chairman, has been selected to succeed Kirshner as the next chairman of the board.

Kirshner joined Markel in 1960 and moved through a number of leadership roles with increasing responsibility. He joined the board in 1978 and became chairman of the board and chief executive officer in 1986, the same year Markel became a public company. He served as CEO through 2015 and moved into his executive chairman role in 2016. Over that period, Kirshner, together with Anthony F. (Tony) Markel and Steve Markel, led the company as it grew from approximately $60 million in total assets to approximately $25 billion.

The board has named Kirshner to the honorary position of “Chairman Emeritus” upon retiring from his leadership positions in May of next year.

“Alan has led Markel with tremendous passion, honesty and fairness,” Steve Markel said. “He has always been a visionary, challenging leadership and the organization to embrace change, to innovate, create and strive for a better way. And, as the lead author of The Markel Style, the company’s values statement, his purpose and principles will live on within Markel forever.”

Steve Markel has been with Markel since 1975 and, alongside Kirshner and Anthony Markel, has been a member of its senior leadership team since the company went public in 1986, with a focus on finance and investments. He has served as vice chairman since 1992 and has been a director since 1978.

Source: Markel Corp.

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