Columbia Group Signs with Connective Technologies to Implement TEAM-UP Solution

August 6, 2002

Houston-based Connective Technologies, Inc., an eCommerce solution provider to the insurance industry, has entered into a contract with Columbia Insurance Group to provide TEAM-UP upload for Personal Auto.

TEAM-UP allows carriers to upload agency management data directly into their Web site where company unique editing and underwriting processes are integrated. Agents interact with their uploaded data to complete any number of processes including quoting, binding and loss reporting. Because TEAM-UP integrates with a carrier’s existing technology modules, implementation time is shortened, and carriers receive an immediate return on investment.

Connective’s Workflow Manager handles all of the “behind the scenes” processes to tie together TEAM-UP with Columbia’s existing Web, rating and policy management system. Because Columbia provides real-time rating and quoting, agents have the capability of binding coverage immediately. The uploaded data enables a fully automated policy issuance as the data is fed through to the policy processing system via Connective’s Workflow Manager. The agent’s system is then synchronized with the policy record during the next download. Maintenance is significantly reduced, as Columbia is no longer required to create and maintain another set of edits that run at the agency.

From the agent’s perspective, they work within their agency management system for everything but the company unique edits that Columbia requires. All of the data from the agency system is uploaded to Columbia’s Web site, so getting a quote is quick and easy. If any information was changed during the editing process, it will be updated on the agency system via the nightly download.

TEAM-UP was introduced to the market in March 2002 and the full implementation of the solution is estimated to take between four to six weeks depending on the availability and integration of existing carrier components.

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