OSHA Settles New Orleans Whistleblower Case

April 24, 2012

  • April 24, 2012 at 7:48 pm
    Gregg says:
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    How is it i can not get justice in our OSHA whistleblower case where i was fired six weeks after i contacted OSHA? I provided timelines of how i warned Trico Lift for years of what i was uncovering and i provided OSHA trico documentation.Then an OSHA offical slips me inside information in a side room at OSHA’s office in philadelphia because they obviously knew they were lying to there federal investigators and i used that info that i was given on 14 diffrent timelined dates that prooved they were lying and on 6 of those dates they faxed me documentation with cover sheets with there names and dates that hung themselves!Not only that it also showed how they conspired to lie to U.S federal investigators.This was indisputible proof and this involved Sunoco refineries where they risked a disaster.This is a federal crime of lying to federal investigators and why was there no charges here is beyond me.This is just part of our whistleblower case and i have taken my fight to OSHA by posting my case on there youtube videos.You would not beleive what we have been through with OSHA.Way too much to post here.All i wanted was protection for there were accidents from what i uncovered and a miracle no one was killed.I even witnessed an accident that was a close call no one was killed at the Pennsylvania convention center and again was clear neglegence on Trico Lift for i trouble shot the problem with the machine.The Trico employee who was responsible for these machines at the pennsylvania convention was at this scene stated about the operator of the machine who was pleading for his job “The nigger doesen’t know how to drive”.I reported this to Trico Lift management and they only schrugged there shoulders.Again this is just part of our casethat was given to OSHA.

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