Insurance to Pay for New $120M Acid Plant at LSB’s Arkansas Site

December 11, 2012

An Oklahoma City-based company says it will build a $120 million nitric acid plant at a chemical facility in El Dorado, Ark., that was the site of an explosion in May.

LSB Industries Inc. announced that the company signed a pact for construction of the new facility at the El Dorado chemical plant. The company pledged in June to reopen the facility after the blast in the nitric acid production area of the plant.

LSB says that insurance will pay for much of the construction, though the full amount of the ultimate insurance payment isn’t known.

The project includes facilities to support the nitric acid plant and a nitric acid concentrator plant. The facility is to produce 1,100 ton per day of 65 percent strength nitric.

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  • December 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm
    Bob says:
    Big loss. Anybody know which property market(s) were on it?
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