Louisiana Commissioner Extends Flooding Emergency Rule after Tornadoes

February 9, 2017

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has issued Emergency Rule 32, which extends previous emergency rules issued after the historic flooding in the state in August 2016.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance said the commissioner promulgated the new emergency rule due to the declared State of Emergency following the destructive tornado swarm that hit Southeast Louisiana on Feb. 7.

Emergency Rule 32 maintains and continues in effect the provisions of Emergency Rule 28 that became effective Aug. 12, 2016, and Emergency Rule 30 that became effective Oct. 13, 2016. Emergency Rule 32 is effective Feb. 10, 2017, and shall remain effective through May 10, 2017.

The rule gives disaster-affected policyholders policyholders more time to pay insurance premiums. It concerns cancellations, terminations, non-renewals and non-reinstatements of insurance policies, and also gives insureds more time to comply with other policy provisions.

The rule applies to parishes named in the two previous emergency rules, as well as the seven parishes affected by the Feb. 7 tornadoes.

Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance

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