Cause of $6K in Damage to Small Arkansas Airport? Coyotes.

April 24, 2018

Officials at a small municipal airport in central Arkansas are battling an unlikely foe — coyotes that keep chewing on part of the taxiway.

The damage at the North Little Rock Municipal Airport is expected to cost $6,000 to fix. Engineer Blake Roberson tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the coyotes have a fondness for chewing on the silicone-based joints on a concrete ramp and taxiway.

Roberson says the rubberlike material is “essentially their chew toy.”

The airport plans to reseal the joints with a different type of sealant that is hoped to be less enticing to the coyotes.

The general aviation airport in North Little Rock is home to 180 aircraft with two runways that accommodate 56,000 operations a year.

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