Oklahoma Lawmakers Urge Interim Study on Opioid Prescriptions

July 21, 2021

Three Oklahoma state representatives have requested an interim study to investigate clinical outcomes of patients with pain following policies resulting in rapid reductions in opioid prescribing.

Rep. John Talley, R-Stillwater, said the study seeks to examine the effects of the restrictions on prescribed pain medication implemented within the state following the enactment of Senate Bill 1446 in November 2018.

Talley said the goal is to bring together researchers, physicians, patients and policy analysts to hear multiple perspectives on the impacts of existing policies and if they have helped reduce opioid addiction in Oklahoma, as well as examine how these changes have affected patients and their ability to access the treatment they need.

“From the start, there should have been metrics in place to measure the clinical outcomes of patients impacted by laws enacted to address the opioids crisis,” Talley said in a media release. “It’s my hope that this study, if approved, will allow us to ensure these well-intentioned policies address the real issue while limiting unintended consequences.”

Talley is working with Rep. Ty Burns, R-Pawnee, and Rep. Preston Stinson, R-Edmond, to organize the study.

“This is a complex issue without a one size fits all solution,” Stinson said. “I look forward to hearing from all stakeholders to ensure that our laws are appropriate, safe, and adequate to address patients’ needs.”

The interim study request was filed under the number 21-105. Interim studies are to be approved by July 23.

Source: Oklahoma House of Representatives

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