Montgomery Offers Commercial Fleet Technology Service in Florida

March 31, 2010

Montgomery Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Group regional operation, is now providing Onboard Advisor for commercial fleets in Florida. Onboard Advisor is a fleet management solution that helps companies increase fleet safety and productivity, save on commercial auto insurance premiums, and much more.

Real time vehicle tracking and daily driver reporting capabilities can improve routing and dispatching and help fleet owners reduce expenses on fuel, maintenance, and overtime. There are no upfront fees for the hardware and installation, and only a low monthly per-unit service fee for the fully-integrated fleet management solution.

“This technology helps companies take an active role in risk management and improve their safety records,” said Michael J. Plavnicky, president and CEO. “Onboard Advisor is the first GPS-based product to harness multiple technologies to yield direct, measurable savings as well as significant insurance discounts.”

Mobile Advisor is the GPS-based technology that updates a vehicle’s position in real time. Fleet managers can map and optimize routes as traffic circumstances warrant. Mobile Advisor can also send email alerts about extreme driving or let managers know if a vehicle is driven outside of its designated territory.

Performance Advisor is the marketplace differentiator, providing a suite of functions not currently available on other GPS fleet systems. This safety component gathers in-depth driver and vehicle data and sends analysis to a fleet manager’s desktop dashboard. Performance Advisor uses onboard sensors to identify unsafe driving and inefficient fuel economy and scores each vehicle. Color-coded icons show exactly what driving behaviors contributed to high, medium, or low risks during all vehicle trips. This allows managers to pinpoint driving behavior and improve safety and fuel efficiency.

Onboard Advisor’s Fuel Advisor is a fuel management system that helps businesses monitor and control spending. A no-fee fuel card provides up to three cents off every gallon of gas purchased at most major gas stations nationwide. Fuel Advisor monitors expenditures online by capturing driver ID and odometer readings to ensure a company vehicle is being fueled and unapproved purchases are not being made.

“The liability exposure for commercial fleets is often as much as fifty percent of a customer’s total premium,” said David Willbur, commercial insurance manager with Harbor Insurance Agency in Fort Pierce. “Florida Companies can better manage their exposure with Onboard Advisor, and realize significant savings on a per vehicle basis from the first month.”

The Insurance Advisor component rewards safe fleet management with an average discount of 15 percent in the first year with a qualifying commercial auto policy, and a maximum discount of up to 40 percent based on fleet performance in renewal years.

Training on Onboard Advisor’s web tools and reports is included for new customers. An online dashboard lets companies follow the progress of safety scores, fuel efficiency, and their estimated insurance discounts.

Source: Montgomery Insurance

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