Hulk Hogan Adds Ex-Wife as Defendant in Insurance Broker Suit

November 18, 2010

Celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan’s attorneys have added his ex-wife as a defendant to a lawsuit against his insurance broker for allegedly failing to adequately protect his fortune.

The lawsuit claims Wells Fargo Insurance Services should have protected Hogan with an umbrella insurance policy. The lawsuit stems from a 2007 car crash involving his son and a friend, John Graziano. Hogan settled the lawsuit with the family of the young man who was critically injured in the crash. The terms were not disclosed but Hogan’s insurance limit was $250,000, according to court documents. He is suing for full recovery of the settlement.

Hogan has now added Linda Bollea to the lawsuit. Hogan’s real name is Terry Bollea.

The new court papers allege that Linda Bollea was also responsible for the insurance along with Wells Fargo Insurance because she claimed in divorce proceedings she was the couple’s business manager. Hogan’s lawyers argue that she owed him a fiduciary duty along with Wells Fargo to protect his assets, estimated at $30 million, with an excess insurance policy.

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  • June 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm
    Dawn Smith says:
    I can just see the blank steer in his face when the agent offered the umbrella. I get it and it is like I am taking money from their table when I offer my P&C clients lif... read more
  • March 18, 2011 at 2:00 pm
    Adam says:
    As an insurance and financial specialist how does plup not come to mind when a man with this much money come to you. Big opportunity.
  • November 23, 2010 at 4:39 am
    MOAgent says:
    It is Not our job to force our clients to buy anything. Now, with that said, as an agent, it is your job to recognize risk and to make recommendations to your client. Look fol... read more
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