North Carolina Gov. McCrory Opposes State Run Health Exchange

February 13, 2013

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said he does not think the state is ready to run health exchanges called for in the federal Affordable Care Act.

McCrory’s office issued a statement saying the governor had reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina.

The state must tell federal officials by Friday if it will run the health exchanges to help those without insurance obtain coverage.

McCrory said the state is not ready to expand Medicaid and should allow the federal government to run the health exchanges.

He said the current Medicaid system is broken and not ready to expand. He said to do so would put taxpayers at risk.

He also said the federal government has not provided enough information on the long-term costs.

The Republican governor’s stance is at odds with the preference of the state’s elected insurance commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, a Democrat who supports a state-run exchange. In a recent interview with Insurance Journal, Goodwin said the decision on how the state should proceed is up to McCrory and lawmakers but Goodwin made his opinion clear:

“Just as I did with their predecessors, I have expressed my concern that the state of North Carolina knows best for North Carolinians than the United States federal government does, particularly as it relates to health insurance and exchange matters. There are a variety of reasons why the others have varying opinions, but I believe that the state should do its job and protect consumers and help regulate this marketplace.”

Goodwin told Insurance Journal he believes health care providers and the business community also prefer a state-based exchange “but that doesn’t always carry the day. It’s certainly a political decision that will be up to the governor and the legislature.”

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    jw says:
    I'm just going to throw this out there and see if it sticks. In theory (if it actually worked), what the federal government puts together as a health exchange should be simila... read more
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