Georgia Agency Owners Charged With Insurance Fraud

June 25, 2014

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens announced Tuesday that warrants have been issued for the arrest of a Gwinnett County insurance agent and her husband on multiple counts of insurance fraud.

Officials said insurance agent Cynthia Dunn is facing charges of one count of insurance fraud, one count of forgery, and one count of misappropriation of premiums. Meanwhile, Ronald Alan Dunn, who is not a licensed agent, will be charged with seven counts of insurance fraud, three counts of forgery, two counts of identity fraud, and three counts of violating state licensing requirements.

The suspects, who own Dunn Right Insurance Agency in Loganville, Ga., allegedly kept premium payments made to them by three area businesses and created fraudulent certificates of insurance, leading their clients to believe that actual insurance coverage was in place. The businesses were seeking to obtain workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

Commissioner Hudgens said an investigation into the business practices of Dunn Right Insurance Agency has been conducted over the past several months. He said Cynthia and Ronald Dunn are alleged to have defrauded at least $31,000 from their clients.

Disciplinary action against Cynthia Dunn’s license to sell insurance is under review. The case will be prosecuted by the Walton County District Attorney’s office.

Commissioner Hudgens said consumers who may have conducted insurance business with Dunn Right Insurance Agency should contact the insurance company listed on their policy to be sure they have the coverage they paid for. Consumers who have questions about their coverage can call the consumer services division at 404-656-2070.

Insurance fraud is a felony with a penalty of two to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

Source: Office of Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner

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