San Diego Tuna Fleet Insurer Passes Away

August 11, 2000

Joseph Anthony Cutri, who built a business insuring San Diego’s tuna-fishing industry more than half a century ago, passed away on August 1 at the age of 80. Shortly after moving to San Diego in 1940, Cutri sought out the opportunity provided to him marine insurance.

His clientele consisted predominantly of seafaring customers from the area of the city known as Little Italy. He and his uncle, also an insurance professional, made several trips to Washington, D.C. on behalf of a fishing community that needed insurance to build new boats. After World War II, Cutri and his wife, Vanda, whom he had met while stationed in Rome, settled permanently in San Diego, where he became a prominent member of San Diego’s business community.

Cutri, who also sold general insurance and John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance, was a former president of the Underwriters Association. He was also the recipient of the Silver Eagle Award from the Life Underwriters Association in San Diego in 1992 and the Robert Cheverton award for life underwriters in 1994.

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