Los Angeles Resident Pleads No Contest to Fraud Charge

November 5, 2001

Nina Meyliker plead no contest to one count of insurance fraud Oct. 31 negotiating a plea with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Automotive Insurance Fraud Division.

Meyliker agreed to pay $150,000 in restitution to five insurance companies. In addition, she will serve a six-month sentence at a residential live-in jail and three years formal probation.

In April of 1996, the California Department of Insurance (CDI) received information from a chiropractor on an automobile insurance fraud ring operating in the Los Angeles area. The ring involved medical clinics and law offices that were making cash payments as compensation for the referral of patients, staging automobile accidents and preparing fraudulent medical reports of bodily injury.

Meyliker, 52, was the owner of Studio Healthcare, a medical clinic in Beverly Hills involved in the fraud ring. The common scheme was to generate a medical bill in the amount of $3,500 to submit to insurance companies alleging bodily injuries to claimants. Attorneys in the Los Angeles area who represented these claimants paid “cappers” for their referrals. After the insurance company paid for the fraudulent insurance claim, Meyliker would then allegedly “kickback” 50 percent for the medical settlement to the law office for the referral of patients.

In January of 2000, Meyliker was charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and five counts of insurance fraud. Meyliker is the last of four defendants to face penalties for their criminal activities involved in this case.

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